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    Strive for simplicity. Deliver sophistication.

    By Appointment ONLY to provide you with a unique

    personal experience.

    Providing our clients with a friendly and welcoming environment while giving them the high quality hair products they deserve.

    We take our inspiration from nature. Our salon is committed to providing earth-friendly practices with every service.


    Eufora Hair and Skincare

    products meet the

    most rigorous standards

    in formulation, utilizing

    Certified Organic Aloe

    along with nearly 75 different

    natural plant extracts and essential oils, all of which are classified as renewable resources and considered biodegradable. Eufora never uses mineral oil or artificially created colorants. Their fragrances are complex and naturally derived.



    SpaRitual Nail and Skincare products provide a unique approach to SLOW BEAUTY.


    It is a place unconstrained by time, envy or vanity.

    Where the practice of restoration and healing begins. Sink into an Infinitely Loving embrace.

    Chinese Jasmine Essential Oil settles the mind, restoring body and spirit whole.

    Nurture yourself with the affectionate colors of light. Peaches, pale pinks, breezy whites and the blush of tea roses nurture, protect and encourage us to live from the heart.






  • We have a beautiful team of women that will help you Feel & Look your best!

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    Meghan Roell

    Owner, Manicurist, Lash Stylist


    Cassie Smith





    Emily Hamson



    Laura Dance



  • Roots & Harmony SERVICES 

    Hair Services

    Women's Cut $40 & up*

    Men's Cut $20 & up* 


    Color Enrichment Services

    Full Color $80 & up*

    Full Highlight $85 & up*

    Balayage $100 & up*

    Retouch Color (only) $65 & up*

    Color Strengthener $20 & up* 


    Manicure & Pedicure Services

    SpaRitual Manicure $30

    SpaRitual Pedicure $45

    Spa Ritual Manicure & Pedicure $75

    Shellac (CND) Manicure $40

    Shellac (CND) Pedicure $50


    Xtreme Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

    Hybrid extensions are the perfect combination of the most popular Classic Lashes (1 extension to 1 natural lash) &Volume Lashes (2-4 extension to 1 natural lash).** It's just what your eyes have been waiting for 

    Faux Mink Hybrid Full Set $165

    Faux Mink Hybrid Relash (2-3wks) $60

    Faux Mink Hybrid Relash (4-5wks) $75 

    ALL prices are starting at and are subject to change.

    We are proud to use Eufora Color and Styling Products.


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  • COMMON Hair & Nail Challenges

    Q&A for a Modern Active Lifestyle

    Should I use cuticle oil every day?

    The skin around your nails are very fragile and it's strongly recommended to apply cuticle oil daily, especially in dry weather and cold climates. This will help prevent hangnails and provide nourishment to not only the cuticle but to your nail beds.

    What is the best way to apply Eufora CONCEAL? (The BEST temporary root touch-up product)


    Style hair as usual. CONCEAL should be applied before finishing spray. Prime Brush* and apply to hair with a patting motion, working from the crown forward to the hair line. Applying around the hairline: Ensure the brush sleeve is fully extended and in the locked position for better control. Work along the hairline with a light sweeping motion back towards crown.

    *Prime brush: Pat brush on the back of the hand two to three times until powder releases.

    How can I extend my hair color enrichment services?

    Eufora Color Revive

    Come into the salon for a FREE sample!

    Color Enhancing Treatment keeps tresses looking fresh and rich in tone with superior shine, in between salon visits. Richens Brunette, Copper and Red tones. Brightens and removes brassiness in Blonde and highlighted hair. KEY INGREDIENTS:

    • ALL Plant Essence™ of Sage and Thyme – Promotes healthy hair. Soothes the scalp. Prevents sebum clogging, nourishes the hair follicle. Improves weak and brittle hair.
    • Inula Extract – Contains Glycolipids; a unique delivery system to help better penetrate color deeper into the hair shaft for increased color intensity, vibrancy and shine.
    • Essential Oil blend for and aromatherapy experience.


    Don’t sacrifice your favorite shampoo and conditioning regimen. Color Revive is designed to be used in-between the cleanse and condition step. After shampooing, work Color Revive through hair. Leave on 3 – 5 minutes. Rinse. Follow with your favorite Eufora Conditioner.

    Cleansing prior to Color Revive application removes dirt, oils and build-up, allowing for better penetration and coverage. Conditioning after Color Revive seals it in for an optimal finish.

    Last 3-5 shampoos.


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